CS16, Winter 2020


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2020-01-07 Lecture 1 true Course overview, a gentle intro to C++ - Standard I/O (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-01-09 Lecture 2 true Git, Basic I/O, Variable Types and Scope, Boolean Expressions, Control Flow (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-01-14 Lecture 3 true Git, Functions, Loops (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-01-16 Lecture 4 true Functions, Loops (contd) (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-01-21 Lecture 5 true File IO (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-01-23 Lecture 6 true Test Driven Development + lab02 practice (slides)
2020-01-28 Lecture 7 true Data Representation (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-02-04 Lecture 8 true References and Pointers, Call by value, address and reference (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-02-06 Lecture 9 true Arrays and Pointers (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-02-11 Lecture 10 true Defining custom types with structs, intro to lab05 (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-02-13 Lecture 11 true Makefiles, C++ Memory model - heap vs. stack (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-02-18 Lecture 12 true Linked Lists - intro  (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-02-25 Lecture 13 true Linked Lists (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-02-27 Lecture 14 true Double-Linked Lists and Memory Errors (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-03-03 Lecture 15 true Recursion (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-03-05 Lecture 16 true Recursion pitfalls, and more practice (slides) (annotated slides)
2020-03-10 Lecture 17 true Wrap up and final review (slides) (annotated slides)