CS16, Fall 2021


num ready? description assigned due
ec00 true Extra Credit Opportunity: Pre-Survey or Pre-Course Essay Thu 09/30 02:00PM Tue 10/05 11:59PM
h00 true zyBook Chapter 1 Thu 09/23 02:00PM Tue 09/28 02:00PM
h01 true zyBook Chapter 1, labs Thu 09/23 02:00PM Thu 09/30 02:00PM
h02 true zyBook Chapter 2 Tue 09/28 02:00PM Tue 10/05 02:00PM
h03 true zyBook Chapter 3 Thu 09/30 02:00PM Thu 10/07 02:00PM
h04 true Join the GitHub organization Thu 09/30 02:00PM Wed 10/06 01:00PM
h05 true zyBook Chapter 4 Thu 09/30 02:00PM Tue 10/12 02:00PM
h06 true zyBook Chapter 5 (Arrays/Vectors) Thu 10/07 02:00PM Thu 10/14 02:00PM
h07 true zyBook Chapter 6 (Branches Thu 10/07 02:00PM Tue 10/19 02:00PM
h08 true zyBook Chapter 7 (User Defined Functions, part 2) Thu 10/07 02:00PM Thu 10/21 02:00PM
h09 true zyBook Chapter 8 (Gentle Introduction to Pointers) Tue 10/19 02:00PM Tue 10/26 02:00PM
h10 true zyBook Chapter 9 (Intro to Streams and File I/O) Tue 11/02 02:00PM Tue 11/09 02:00PM
h11 true zyBook Chapter 10 (Intro to struct), Chapter 11 (Classes, Part 1) Tue 11/02 02:00PM Fri 11/12 05:00PM
h12 true zyBook Chapter 12 (Classes, Part 2) Tue 11/02 02:00PM Tue 11/16 02:00PM
h13 true zyBook Chapter 13 (Recursion) Tue 11/16 02:00PM Tue 11/23 02:00PM


num ready? description assigned due
lab00 true Getting started Wed 09/29 01:00PM Tue 10/05 09:00PM
lab01 true Finish H04 if not done, verify CSIL Account, then zyBooks Wed 10/06 01:00PM Tue 10/12 09:00PM
lab02 true Submitting to Gradescope Mon 10/11 08:00AM Mon 10/18 11:59PM
lab03 true Crunching numbers: Loops and Functions Mon 10/18 12:00PM Mon 10/25 11:59PM
lab04 true Counting ducks: File I/O and flow control Wed 10/27 12:00PM Tue 11/09 11:59PM
lab05 true Odds and primes: Fun with arrays and makefiles Wed 11/03 12:00PM Wed 11/17 11:59PM
lab06 true Fun with shapes: Pointers and Structs Wed 11/10 12:00PM Fri 11/19 11:59PM
lab07 true Array lists and dynamic arrays Fri 11/12 02:00PM Wed 11/24 04:59PM
lab08 true Basic Classes in C++ Tue 11/16 02:00PM Wed 12/01 11:59PM
lab09 true Linked Lists in C++ with structs Tue 11/16 08:00AM Thu 12/02 11:59PM
lab10 true Recursion Sat 11/27 04:00PM Fri 12/03 11:59PM
lab11 true Survey Thu 12/02 07:30PM Mon 12/06 12:00PM