CS16, Fall 2021

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lecture date notes ready? description reading
2021-09-23 lect01 true First Lecture
2021-09-28 lect02 true C++ basic data types, binary, struct keyword
2021-09-30 lect03 true A bit more on structs and constructors
2021-10-05 lect04 true Fourth Lecture
2021-10-07 lect05 true Fifth Lecture
2021-10-12 lect06 true Functions
2021-10-14 lect07 true More on functions
2021-10-19 lect08 true argc/argv, C-strings, pointers, functions, reading from files
2021-10-21 lect09 true pointers, argc/argv, reading from files
2021-10-26 lect10 true Midterm Practice Questions
2021-10-28 lect11 true Midterm Exam
2021-11-02 lect12 true Intro to linked lists
2021-11-04 lect13 true git clone, Makefiles, separate compilation
2021-11-09 lect14 true git add/commit, more on separate compilation, linking
2021-11-16 lect15 true git push/pull; classes in C++
2021-11-18 lect16 true Recursion
2021-11-23 lect17 false Code Style; more on linked lists
2021-11-30 lect18 true Final Exam Review
2021-12-02 lect19 false tbd